NAD Open House & Holiday Party

at the NAD Home Office
December 13, 2007

Photo Credit: Donna Graff

The crowd at NAD Open House & Holiday Party.

The crowd at NAD Open House & Holiday Party

Jill Moebus and Gary Viall pose for a picture.

Dot & Steve Brenner were at the party.

A last-minute discussion.

ASL T-Shirt in a frame.

NAD Executive Director Nancy Bloch calls everyone's attention for the ASL T-Shirt presenting ceremony.


Nancy Bloch introduces VAD President Rachel Bavister.

Rachel Bavister gives a short speech.

Two ladies talking while Tom Dowling watches.

Some people from Virginia were present.

Posing for the camera.

Admiring the framed t-shirt.

More posing for the camera.

The Top Ten Reasons for Learning Sign Language - they are copyrighted by the Virginia Association of the Deaf.

Two plaques commemorating the NAD Conferences at San Antonio (left) and Norfolk (right).

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