VAD Mini-Conference 2008

Fairfax County Government Center

June 2008

(31 photos)

1.  Seated in the front row from left: Steven & Nancy Chough and Elsie & Bob Zekes.

2.  When is the show going to begin?
First row: Alan & Helen Justice; second row: Debbie Harris, Dora Ing, and Ken Keeper; third row: Theresa Farmer; and standing in back: Deborah Shaffer.

3.  "Ah, no wonder why the projector won't work.  It isn't plugged in."

4.  "Now the show can begin," Edwin Martin announces.

5.  "Hmmm . . . I wonder why is the slide is all white."
In the audience watching are Deborah Shaffer, Thayer Dow, Alice Frick, and Nancy Rarus.

6.  "A penny saved is a penny earned," Louis Schwartz makes a point to Doris Schwarz.

7.  The highly dedicated crew trying to get the show going."

8.  Steven Chough shares some of his wisdom with Pam Varner-Bland.

9.  Fruit intermission.

10.  Thayer Dow, Wayne Frick, Russell Almond III and Alan Justice.  Allen Justice probably has had enough of fruits.

11.  Russell Almond III shows his pouch where he stores his fruit.

12.  Dori Solar and Liz Moore enjoy a nice girl-to-girl chat.

13.  Tom Dowling and Pamela Varner-Bland enjoy a laugh.

14.  The buffet.
Helping themselves are Keane Sanfacon, Helen Justice, Mary Nunnally, and Alice Frick (barely seen).

15.  Cheryl Rockburn listens with intense.

16.  A beautiful cake.  It must have been delicious, too.

17.  Edwin Martin was explaining, "Like George Washington, I cannot tell a lie.  I was chopping a tree when . . . "

18.  "What am I supposed to see in the box?" Edwin Martin wonders while his wife Kay waits patiently.

19.  Kay Martin asks Rachel Bavister, "Shall we begin the drawing?"

20.  Edwin Martin assures LaDonna Larsen that the shirt is a right fit for her.

21.  "If I think hard enough I may find my ticket," Us Chung thinks. 
Chung is Sales Manager for CSDVRS and VAVRS.

22.  "Ah, I told you so!  This is my ticket!"

23.  "My name spells . . . U S . . ."

24.  "You fold your ticket in half twice.  This way you'll be able to find your ticket easily," Edwin Martin explains to Kay.

25.  Elsie Zekes watches as Kay Martin explains how to draw a ticket.

26.  Elsie Zekes examines the ticket to see if it is hers.

27.  Elsie spells a name while Kay watches.

28.  "Hmmm, my ticket has a crease," Wayne Frick explains, "and I should be able to find it."

29.  "The name is W A Y N E . . . "

30.  "Something feels sticky and glooey," Paul Daniels exclaims.
Paul is the Chair of the 2008 VAD Mini-Conference Committee.

31.  "Did I win a cruise around the world?"


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