Virginia Association of the Deaf

10-Acre Land

Ruckersville, Virginia


The 10-acre land was sold on July 31, 2017.  If you want more information about the sale, please look in the 2017 VAD Conference Program book.


The land was donated to VAD by the Deaf Brethens after it was dissolved.  The land is triangular-shaped with one side being bordered by a country road (Route 640 - Gilbert Station Road).  The Deaf Brethens wanted to build a retirement home on the land for Deaf elder people.  After the foundation for the structure was laid, the project was stopped.  All that remain are the foundation, a well, and many young trees.  See pictures below.


Looking north.  The road has been paved "rustic style."  It used to be a loose gravel road.  The VAD land is on right.

Looking south on Gilbert Station Road.  The VAD land is on left of the road, as far as the dirt pile near a bushy pine tree.
The recently paved road is a nice improvement over the loose gravel road.

Looking at the land from the road.  The foundation and the well are down there.

The first action was to find the well.  It was a short distance from the foundation.

The well with broken concrete cover.  The water pump can be seen.

Tim Lavelle, Tom Dowling, and Paul Daniels pose for the camera.  They are feeling good about their "major discovery."

This is the southwest corner of the foundation.

Gary Viall is searching for the northwest corner of the foundation.

Gary is standing on the northwest corner.  The west side can barely be seen.

A close-up look of the concrete foundation.

Gary walks along the north side of the foundation.

The north side foundation.

This is the northeast corner.  Here the foundation is barely showing.

The east side is barely above the ground.

Probably the east side.  It has been overgrown.

It used to be the electric switchbox for the water pump.

Back on the road.

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